About Us

Trick Training forges strong bonds and communication between dog and owner. Dogs have a thirst to learn, to be rewarded and to be the centre of attention. Trick Training is fun for the owners and dogs alike!

Encourage dog owners to demonstrate positive leadership for their dogs, have fun doing it, and generate strong bonds and communication in the process!

Who can benefit from Trick Training?

Trick Training is a dog training idea that shows owners how to demonstrate humane leadership with their dogs through fun activities that are mentally challenging and encourage dog owners to spend time with their dogs through these activities. Trick Training is fun, energetic and designed to provide dogs with clear articulated structure while learning fun and interesting tricks!

Those who haven’t tried teaching their dog something fun, hasn’t yet unleashed the true intelligence of their dog, which is waiting to come out! Your dog is an amazing creature, having fun with your dog through trick training is a sure way to strengthen your bond and open new channels of communication you didn’t know existed.

This is not a direct obedience course, this is Trick Training. A well educated dog is more attentive, more obedient and more loyal.

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