20 Dogs who forgot how to sleep


Fascinatingly, dogs find comfort in the most awkward looking positions. Here are 20 examples of awkward sleeping positions, that look strangely comfortable… Read More…

Dogs in the workplace


If your employer is kind enough to let you bring your dog to work with you, you are very lucky. It is not common place for employers to permit animals in the office, they can be noisy, distracting, cause allergies, or be a general insurance risk to the business, . However some businesses are more open about sharing our love for our pets with others and allow you to bring your dog to work with you.

It is a practise that I would encourage. Dogs in the workplace have to make the experience of work much more fun! It’s not a small idea, Ben & Jerry’s and Google allow employees to bring their pets to work. There is some scientific evidence that supports lower stress in workplaces where dogs are allowed to be with their owners in the office. Read More…

Introducing Love For Dogs


We have been working on a  new website that is more geared towards helping people find quality dog trainers, groomers, vets etc in local areas. The website will be at www.lovefordogs.com.au and available within the next 6 months.

We started working on the idea at the same time as Trick Training however one idea started to gain momentum faster than the other so we pursued the obvious choice. We are now ready to start focusing on this next step and introducing Love For Dogs to everyone else. Read More…