What is Dog Agility?


No, I’m not referring to how agile your dog is, Agility is a dog sport event where dog and handler run a course for the best time and fewest errors. But even if not practised competitively, dog agility is a highly stimulating and physically draining event┬áthat can keep your dog both mentally and physically exercised.

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An hour of play keeps the bad behaviour away.


Fun dog games can be as exhausting for your dog as a big run. A fun game of frisbee can be both mentally stimulating and physically exhausting. It is said that your dog has the mental capacity of a toddler. I can believe this when it comes to playing games. We’re fortunate to interact with fun dogs that love to play on a regular basis (and I love to play with them). 15 minutes of chasing a ball is physically exhausting, running an obstacle course is mentally exhausting. Have you tried dog agility? Read More…

Dogs Really Love Us, Scientists Confirm


We love our dogs, and the fact that I can tell you “I love my dog” is easy because we can understand each other through language. Dogs show their feeling differently and it’s easy to tell that your dog loves you too. But do they really? Are they just being kind to the hand that feeds them, or do they see you as part of their family?

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Getting started with puppy training, on the right foot


So you have got yourself a beautiful new puppy, adorable and cuddly they are; but they’re always learning. Even at a very early age puppies pick up habits that can be hard to break later on in their life so you want to start your training on day one. We have outlined some basic tips, tricks and rules that you can follow to let your puppy know what he needs to do from day one.

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