Home Alone Tips


With people working longer hours and having busier lives, dogs are spending more time home alone. This is fine for short spells but dogs are social animals and leaving them alone for extended periods of time can cause separation anxiety and behaviour problems. Often they’re bored and lonely and exhibit behaviour reflective of their emotional state.

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What is Dog Agility?


No, I’m not referring to how agile your dog is, Agility is a dog sport event where dog and handler run a course for the best time and fewest errors. But even if not practised competitively, dog agility is a highly stimulating and physically draining event that can keep your dog both mentally and physically exercised.

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Doggy Day Care Pros and Cons


Doggy day care gives pet owners a sense of comfort and is a great way for your pet to get exercise and cure loneliness. But is it really necessary? Pets have been left at home by themselves since the beginning of domestication so, is it now necessary to have your dog in a day care for its own happiness?

As a pet owner, it is up to you to decide. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a doggy daycare as compared to keeping the pet at home.

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Dogs Really Love Us, Scientists Confirm


We love our dogs, and the fact that I can tell you “I love my dog” is easy because we can understand each other through language. Dogs show their feeling differently and it’s easy to tell that your dog loves you too. But do they really? Are they just being kind to the hand that feeds them, or do they see you as part of their family?

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