Introducing Love For Dogs


We have been working on a  new website that is more geared towards helping people find quality dog trainers, groomers, vets etc in local areas. The website will be at and available within the next 6 months.

We started working on the idea at the same time as Trick Training however one idea started to gain momentum faster than the other so we pursued the obvious choice. We are now ready to start focusing on this next step and introducing Love For Dogs to everyone else. Read More…

We’ve changed our logo


You may have noticed that our logo is now different. Well, we changed it. It was due. We quickly knocked up the first one in a day to get our Facebook page running, however times have changed and we were in need of a nicer one. So here it is! Read More…

We’ve Launched!

We've Launched!

Mark it in your calender, 2013 was the year we finally launched the website. Now I will admit it is not the launch we wanted, but it’s better to launch with something than with nothing.

For a really long time we built a website from scratch, and again and again it was either too adventurous for us to handle or didn’t work or look the way we wanted. So the decision was made to put together a basic website for people to at least view something!

So here it is, the first version of the website. We will continue to revise and improve the site to bring new features and new information to you all, but for now, this is what we have and we are proud to have it online!

Spending time with our dogs through trick training is a worthy goal, so we want to get as much information out there to encourage as many people to engage with their pets at a deeper level.

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.