Home Alone Tips


With people working longer hours and having busier lives, dogs are spending more time home alone. This is fine for short spells but dogs are social animals and leaving them alone for extended periods of time can cause separation anxiety and behaviour problems. Often they’re bored and lonely and exhibit behaviour reflective of their emotional state.

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Toilet Training Made Easy

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Bringing a new Puppy into your family can be a very, very exciting time.
Nonetheless, the excitement can often be overshadowed by that daunting feeling of – how am I going to teach this adorable fluff ball to go to the toilet in the correct place?

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An hour of play keeps the bad behaviour away.


Fun dog games can be as exhausting for your dog as a big run. A fun game of frisbee can be both mentally stimulating and physically exhausting. It is said that your dog has the mental capacity of a toddler. I can believe this when it comes to playing games. We’re fortunate to interact with fun dogs that love to play on a regular basis (and I love to play with them). 15 minutes of chasing a ball is physically exhausting, running an obstacle course is mentally exhausting. Have you tried dog agility? Read More…

We’re Mad as Hell!

It’s sad news again today with an 10 year old boy in Wollongong was mauled by 2 dogs when he entered their property today. Such a tragic turn of events and we wish the boy a speedy recovery.

The news has renewed claims however, that there should be a ban on so-called “dangerous” dog breeds. And that is what makes us mad. While we are saddened by the tragedy, we are enraged by the ignorance of both the media and the dog owners in this case. We watched this morning on the Morning Show as a washed up TV presenter (I’m not even going to mention his name for fear of promoting the idiot) proudly said that people shouldn’t be allowed to own “dangerous” breeds. He was quickly admonished by his contrary in the segment who made a point that her “fluffy white dog” was known to act like a “pork-chop” as well. Read More…