Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs


The concept of time passing is one that only humans really understand, your dog wouldn’t have a clue if 5 minutes had passed or an hour. This is why some dogs develop separation anxiety when you leave the house. It can be a really terrible issue when your dog has it bad, a state of pure panic. And it can leave you feeling like you can’t leave the house, or that you have to bring your beloved pup with you. It is a damaging relationship for both you and your dog and it can lead to other bad behaviours in rare cases. Read More…

Dogs are more than just members of the family


Your dog is more than just a furry member of the family. They are your partners. Like how business partners work together towards a common goal, so does you and your dog.

Let me explain. Read More…

Your dog is the ultimate volunteer


Your dog is the ultimate volunteer.

Always up to help you, always up for anything. No other animal has a drive to please us like a dog. It’s a skill that we have capitalised on for centuries. As far back through history as you can go we have been using dogs to help us with tasks in our lives. Today we think of dogs more as companions instead of workers, but dogs are dedicated workers. Think of the things that you don’t want to do. Exercise, Learn, Work, Help Others (sometimes) – These are the things that most dogs want to do right now, at 2am or on the hottest or coldest days. Read More…

What does it mean to Capture a Behaviour?


When your dog offers a behaviour that you didn’t ask for but want to assign a name to, this is capturing a behaviour. I have found that this is the easiest thing to teach a dog, especially since it was them that showed you that they could do it in the first place. A few years ago I was teaching a dog to walk backwards a few steps. And the first thing that I was offered was a bunny hop. I thought that this was a fantastic behaviour to capture so I stopped what I was doing and asked for that same behaviour again, and I got it, over and over and over again. I called it “Giddy-up” and now he can Giddy-Up on command and all because it was what he thought I was asking for. Read More…