Toilet Training Made Easy

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Bringing a new Puppy into your family can be a very, very exciting time.
Nonetheless, the excitement can often be overshadowed by that daunting feeling of – how am I going to teach this adorable fluff ball to go to the toilet in the correct place?

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Pulling power


Pulling on the lead is a common occurrence, particularly if your dog hasn’t been trained from a young age. They like to get where they’re going as fast as possible so they pull you along at their pace. Not that you can blame them – walks are exciting and there’s so much for them to see and smell and explore; they just want to get there quickly. It takes patience and strong will to train your dog out of this behaviour. It’s even more problematic if your dog has pulled for years. Read More…

The wrong leash for the job


If you walk your dog on a regular basis around other dog walkers chances are you have seen someone walking their dog with a retractable dog leash or lead or even worse, been caught up in one from someone walking the other way. I love an innovative idea as much as the next person, but I have to say that these are just plain dangerous. Not only dangerous to use, they lure people into the false sense of security that they have control over their dog when out on their daily walk. The truth is, the dog has more control than you do. Read More…

Clicker Training Introduction


Dog training is a wonderful activity to do with your dog, it expands both of your minds much further than you imagine. Learning; it’s a skill that dogs love to exercise. Because they learn differently to the way we learn we need to use different techniques to get our message across to our dogs. Clicker training is one method you can use to reinforce a job well done. It’s a consistent standard of training that is fun and easy for your dog to understand. Read More…