Meet Paige the Border Collie

Paige the Border Collie

Meet 5 year old Paige, the Border Collie. CDX obedience title, FM Flyball, Canine Freestyle and Agility specialist. Paige is definitely a one of a kind dog. Paige is also quite the celebrity in her own right. She has appeared in commercials for Nylabone, ASPCA, Humane Society, 1800 Pets and many more. She has even been featured on the David Letterman show! Quite an achievement for a 5 year old.

Paige owes her wealth of knowledge and experience to her owner and trainer, Lauren Girard, who has a particular talent for getting Paige to perform such amazing and cute tricks. Page knows over 50 tricks, which is no small achievement. You can subscribe to Paige’s YouTube channel here or follow her on Facebook here.

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