Doggy Day Care Pros and Cons


Doggy day care gives pet owners a sense of comfort and is a great way for your pet to get exercise and cure loneliness. But is it really necessary? Pets have been left at home by themselves since the beginning of domestication so, is it now necessary to have your dog in a day care for its own happiness?

As a pet owner, it is up to you to decide. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a doggy daycare as compared to keeping the pet at home.

Pros of Doggy Daycare

  • People are at work longer: Work is no longer a nine-five thing where you can drop home for lunch and a quick dog work. Employees are expected to stay at work for 8 – 12 hours which means the important dog-walk and play time is missed. In a daycare, these necessary exercises will never be missed.
  • Social Pressure: As the industry grows, so do the pressures of being a dog owner. Now there is a better option to leaving your dog by himself all day–that is entrust them to a dog carer.
  • More Apartments: As more people live in apartments, more dogs are left inside all day. Pet owners feel better about their dogs when they are socialised and stimulated in a larger space.


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  • Socialising: Doggy Day Care is one of the best ways to socialise your dog while you’re not there. Dogs need four legged companionship to be happy and doggy daycare is the perfect environment for this. Dogs are paired with their appropriate size and can often make great friends.
  • A Form of Training: A great plus to these facilities is that dogs are usually trained so that they can fit into the environment. Bad habits you have created are often lost and your dog can become a perfect citizen.


  • Exercise and Groomed: If you choose the right facility, your dog should come home well groomed and sufficiently exercised. Make sure you check out what is included before paying. A dog who is exhausted by the end of the day will usually behave better at home as well.


Doggy Daycare Cons

  • Expense: This is probably the biggest negative for doggy day Care vs keeping him home for free. Day Care can cost between $50 – $100 per day and you can’t claim any of that back through government supplements. This can add up over a year!
  • Misbehaving Dogs May Be Asked To Leave: Unfortunately, there is often a three strike rule and if your dog misbehaves and cannot be trained at the centre, he may not be welcomed back.
  • Accidents Can Happen: As your dog is in a new environment with many more dogs than he would usually see at home, fun play can sometimes result in additional scratches or injuries that he wouldn’t necessarily get at home.
  • Facilities Can Vary: Do your research before leaving your dog in a centre. Facilities can vary greatly and if you choose the wrong one, you may feel like your dog is safer at your house than in care.

We always want the best for our pets whether we are with them or away from them. The pointers above should help you decide whether to leave your dog in a daycare or if it’s best kept safe at home.



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