Dogs love a good journey


Dogs love a good journey as much as the destination. Have you ever wondered why your dog get so excited when you reach for the dog leach? They love to go on journeys. It’s a skill we often don’t have, being able to just live in that moment and enjoy the journey without the anticipation of reaching your destination.

I think it is one of the greatest qualities a dog can teach us. Don’t live where you aren’t, live in the now and enjoy it to the fullest. If you spend each moment planning for the next, can you really say that you are enjoying your life? I don’t think so.

Of course we do have more responsibilities than your beloved pet, but during your down time you could take a leaf from Fido’s book and just enjoy the journey.

My Bailey loves to ride in the car. I used to think that it was because he wanted to get where ever we were going. He enjoyed travelling, looking, smelling, sitting and being close to me in the car, then, we would get to the park or the beach and have a great time, but he would be just as excited to get back in the car to come home as he was to leave in the first place. I soon started to realise that he didn’t care where we were going, he just loved that we were going. Each new journey brings something interesting to him, even if it was just going back home again. And he would be excited when we pulled up in the garage, jump out and run around the house like crazy as if to say “We’re home! We’re home!”.

It’s fascinating to me the different layers to a dogs personality. With each reveal they can teach us something new that we should be applying in our everyday lives. The laid back approach to life is something we all want, but we always say “one day…”. Why not today? That is what your dog would say.




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