What treats work best for training?

Loyalty Pet Treats

My main man Bailey has a sensitive stomach, he needs to eat the right foods as heavily processed foods and treats cause him to regurgitate his meals, it’s not a pleasant sight, but much worse for him. It’s a common problem for dogs, so which treats do we use and which ones should you avoid?

We reviewed two treats for their results during training and their nutritional content to find out which one worked well and which ones should be avoided.

We compared Loyalty Pet Treats, a 100% natural Australian treat company based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, compared with a leading brand of dog treats purchased from a chain store, an affordable and well known treat that is in high circulation and is easy to obtain.

You may think that you have a good system in place already that your dog loves, but variety is the spice of life, and your dog agrees with that statement as well, so it’s good to step it up sometimes and try something new.

We interviewed Julie from Loyalty Pet Treats to get some more insight about this Australian company. In all our dealings with this company we encountered friendly replies to our enquiries and a confident backing of their products. “We are real manufacturers, not simply marketers whose product is made by someone else and branded under another name.” Julie said. “We are Safe Food Queensland and HACCP SCI Qual International accredited”

“David & I both came from families where we were mad about our pets, although we have always loved our pets our venture into the pet industry was not planned. Due our love of animals, when the opportunity arose, we grasped it with both hands.”

It was good to see such passion coming from this team of dog lovers, but we wanted to know more about the products and their health benefits. “Loyalty is nutritionally the healthiest and tastiest pet treat available. Our Nutrieseal™ process uses very low temperatures in a fully hermetically sealed environment in which to dry the products without drawing air from outside. This low temperature dehydration process results in the highest retention of nutrient levels and natural flavours together with long product shelf life without the need for refrigeration. The freshness, the aroma, the nutritional goodness and the quality is second to none, we really do care about you and your pet.”

We received a set of sample products from Loyalty Pet Treats and put them to the test ourselves. First of all the packaging is really very classy, and the fact that you can clearly see the product in the pack is a huge benefit for peace of mind.

We love supporting local businesses so it was great to find a 100% Australian made product made from 100% free range stock with nothing else added.

Nutrition is important, but the way the product is produced is just as important to us. “Our products are made at a factory with a HACCP programme and which is certified and annually audited to Food Safe Australia(Qld) standards and we have composition and nutrient values tested by independent NATA approved labs.” Julie says.

We did seek comment from another manufacturer but they declined to respond to our requests, so we have editorialised our experience with these high volume production made treats.

When trailing the alternatives we found that they were only motivational for a short period of time, less than 10 minutes before the dogs were full and not interested in more treats, not only that but we found that these treats were highly dehydrating to the dogs, and caused the dogs to gulp big amounts of water after a small training session. Drinking water after training is not unusual, but the amount in this test was higher than usual. You get what you pay for here, these treats are low in nutrition, highly processed and we don’t recommend grocery store treats as a reward for training.

The last treat we tried was some freshly cooked chicken breast cut into small cubes. We can say with certainty that the chicken was the highest motivation treat on offer. Not surprising, but I don’t like offering high value treat for regular training. Honest pay for honest work, so if your dog is just going through revisiting old tricks, the value is lower or perhaps no reward at all. After all your treat rewards should only be there at the start when teaching, it shouldn’t be expected every time your dog performs a known trick.

Quality and food safety is important, but once you have found a treat you are comfortable with you want to ensure that your dog responds to it well. After all the more difficult the trick your teaching, the more valuable treat you need to use. Treats are currency for dogs, so if you want more from your dog, you need to offer more.

If you are using regular grocery store treats when training with your dog, I would suggest giving something with a higher nutritional content, and lower manufacturing process. Loyalty Pet Treats offers some of the best treats we can find today. I’m sure that there are others we just don’t have time to test them all. :)

Happy training!




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