Toilet Training Made Easy

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Bringing a new Puppy into your family can be a very, very exciting time.
Nonetheless, the excitement can often be overshadowed by that daunting feeling of – how am I going to teach this adorable fluff ball to go to the toilet in the correct place?

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Pulling power


Pulling on the lead is a common occurrence, particularly if your dog hasn’t been trained from a young age. They like to get where they’re going as fast as possible so they pull you along at their pace. Not that you can blame them – walks are exciting and there’s so much for them to see and smell and explore; they just want to get there quickly. It takes patience and strong will to train your dog out of this behaviour. It’s even more problematic if your dog has pulled for years. Read More…

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs


The concept of time passing is one that only humans really understand, your dog wouldn’t have a clue if 5 minutes had passed or an hour. This is why some dogs develop separation anxiety when you leave the house. It can be a really terrible issue when your dog has it bad, a state of pure panic. And it can leave you feeling like you can’t leave the house, or that you have to bring your beloved pup with you. It is a damaging relationship for both you and your dog and it can lead to other bad behaviours in rare cases. Read More…