Toilet Training Made Easy

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Bringing a new Puppy into your family can be a very, very exciting time.
Nonetheless, the excitement can often be overshadowed by that daunting feeling of – how am I going to teach this adorable fluff ball to go to the toilet in the correct place?

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How long should I train my dog for?


Think back to when you were going to school. Were you one of the people who was very excited to attend school every day or where you one of the kids that; sometimes you were into it, and sometimes you weren’t?

I was one of the kids that could either take it or leave it. I loved to learn, but only what I was interested in learning. So it was hard for a teacher to be able to pull my focus from things I wanted to know about. Any species that can learn will have an attention span. Once you have reached the end of that span that’s it, your done.

A dog is the same. It can only hold focus for a period of time and then he will walk away. That’s the dogs way of saying “I’m finished!”. So how long should I train my dog for? Read More…