Dogs are more than just members of the family


Your dog is more than just a furry member of the family. They are your partners. Like how business partners work together towards a common goal, so does you and your dog.

Let me explain.

Throughout time dogs have been more than just “mans best friend”, they have been partners with us in achieving goals. Which is why we have such a wide variety of breeds that specialise in different areas. We have gained this trust and bond over time for generations and it is as much a part of a dogs being as it is in ours to seek out companionship with each other. A dog wants to work with you to achieve a goal, this is why working breeds, such as herding dogs, get such a strong reputation for ┬ábeing smart and easy to train. It’s in their nature to perform the tasks you want. Tracking dogs will hunt down targets based on scent, it’s easy to teach a dog to do this if it is in their nature. But these dogs want more than to blindly track scents, or herd sheep. They want to help us.

I am fascinated with a dogs ability to want to help us. Why would they want to do such a thing? No other animal has a drive to help humans as strongly as dogs. This can be part of the reasons why dogs have different behaviour issues, they are trying to help. But without direction these dogs help in ways we may not really like. For example excessive barking, digging and other undesirable behaviours.

You can help your dog a great deal by letting them help you in ways that they can relate. If you have a smart dog, it’s important to continually challenge them with tricks or training that is stimulating to their mind. If your dog is destructive it may mean that they aren’t being mentally stimulated enough and this kind of acting out can be reduced with mentally challenging exercises.

You don’t have to look far to find amazing dogs who help humans every day, these dogs are amazing, but all dogs have it in them to help in one form or another. How can your dog start to help you?



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