Toilet Training Made Easy

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Bringing a new Puppy into your family can be a very, very exciting time.
Nonetheless, the excitement can often be overshadowed by that daunting feeling of – how am I going to teach this adorable fluff ball to go to the toilet in the correct place?

Well, worry no more, because if you follow these simple tips – you will have your puppy toilet trained in no time at all!


If you allow your puppy to roam freely in the house, you are immediately putting them in control of the situation and giving them a choice of where to go to the toilet. And let’s face it – our lives are busy! Unless you are able to follow your puppy everywhere you will need to keep your puppy confined. Now – this does not at all mean that they are being excluded from the family. It simply means we are in control of the situation. Use a Puppy Pen or Crate to help you keep an eye on your puppy during the early stages of toilet training. The reason we do this is because it is quite uncommon for any animal to want to toilet where they eat, sleep and play.


Chances are, your puppy is giving you lots of warning signs. Are you taking notice of them?

They may start to sniff seemingly aimlessly around in circles.

They may fidget.

They may cry.

They may try and sneak off to a corner or another room.

Each dog is different. If you are able to pay attention and recognise body language you will be giving yourself a HUGE advantage.


It is essential that we take our puppies out for regular toilet breaks. Better to have too many than not enough, right?

You might start by taking your puppy out to toilet every 30 minutes and gradually increase the time between toilet breaks as they get older.

Also, take note of your puppies habits. As a general rule of thumb, Puppies (and Dogs alike) will want to toilet after eating/drinking, playing or just waking up.


Now it’s time for the nitty gritty action to take place.

Grab some treats.

Put your puppy on a lead and take them outside to where you would like to go to the toilet.

Now is the waiting game. Patience is the key to this stage. You can give your puppy a little bit of verbal encouragement, we use Toilet Time. 

As soon as your Pup starts to make a little pile or puddle, give your puppy lots of enthusiastic verbal praise. Once they have finished give them a treat for doing their business outside.


If you catch your puppy going inside, DO NOT RUB THEIR NOSE IN IT!! It will not stop them from going inside, it will only make them more cunning and sneaky. You may even scare them from toileting in front of you again.

Instead, put your puppy on a lead, walk them outside and repeat the process.

Make sure you are having regular breaks. We want to set our Pup (and us Humans) to succeed. If you are leaving it too long in between toilet breaks, you will only be putting yourself behind.

If your Pup has had an accident inside, make sure you clean the area thoroughly. This means if your Pup walks past that spot again, they won’t be triggered to go there again!




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