Jumpy the Parkour Dog

Jumpy the Parkour Dog

We get to see a lot of great videos from people having fun with their dog, but this video trumps them all. Meet Jumpy, one of Omar Von Muller‘s talented dogs. Omar Von Muller is a dog trainer in Los Angeles. His dogs have been featured in TV shows, movies and commercials. This video also features Alex Duong a professional Parkour athlete who is equally matched for skill with Jumpy.

This video demonstrates what Trick Training is all about, you don’t need to teach your dog to beg, or roll over to have a great trick dog, Jumpy is having a blast just jumping, and doing backflips. However the amount of training that will have gone into Jumpy’s amazing tricks will have been a huge effort, and then to have him perform flawlessly when the camera rolls is amazing. But at it’s core Jumpy is just doing what all dogs love to do, run and jump around.

Your dog may not be able to perform these feats of athleticism, but you may encounter some obstacles in your daily walk that can be fun challenges your dog can jump and play on. Park Benches, Low Brick Walls, anything that you find can be fun for your dog to play on. Just experiment with what you find and be inspired by Jumpy in the video below.

You may have seen Jumpy in many YouTube videos including this one:

Teaching your dog some Parkour tricks is a great idea. We will write up some ideas in some future posts. For now just sit back and be inspired by Jumpy and start to wonder how you can have fun with the elements you encounter on your daily walk.



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