Teach your dog the Bang Bang trick

The “Bang Bang” trick is simple enough in it’s elements, but put them all together and you have an Emmy award winning performance from your dog.

Bang Bang!

The basics of the trick are a Texas style hold up style scene, where your dog is the robber and you are the police officer. Well, not really, but that could be a scene that is used to describe this trick. The elements of the trick are simple. Sit, Beg, Rollover. Put all three together and you have the Bang Bang trick.

Teaching a trick that has multiple parts requires a lot of patience. You can’t rush your dog. When they are used to specific cues to perform a behaviour it can be difficult to introduce a new cue, the point of the new cue is to let your dog know that this trick requires more steps to complete. Your dog will want to skip to the part where the treat comes. Be careful not to rush through all the steps and make sure your dog understands that you require more than one step. However in the start you need to break it all down for them, so reward after each step until the new cues are understood.

Requirements: A dog that can sit, beg and roll-over (or of your dog can’t roll over, lay down will do), and some really good treats, the ones that your dog gets really excited over!

As sit and roll over are more simpler tricks I won’t cover these individual steps here at this stage (in the future I will run a series on basic obedience), however you can get a leg up with the Beg command here. https://www.facebook.com/notes/dog-trick-training/legacy-training-3-beg-aka-sit-pretty/346521528715358

Step 1: Sit & Beg

If your dog can already sit and beg and you have established cues you will want to introduce a new cue to trigger sit+beg. The cue is you hold your hand like a gun, like if you were playing cops and robbers!

The verbal cue is “Stick ‘em up!” when you say this with the visual cue your dog will sit and beg. At the start reward each step, you want your dog to understand that they are on the right track during each of the steps. However once you feel like your dog is mastering each step stop rewarding at the end of the last step and only reward from the next step on.

Step 2: Bang Bang

The “bang bang” cue is used to get your dog to roll over (or lay down). When you say “Bang Bang!” your dog will roll over! If your dog knows “Speak” this could also be a good additional step to get your dog to bark once before the roll over.

Step 3: Release

After a couple of seconds release your dog from the rolled over position and give a huge amount of praise and a treat, a really good one because it is a challenge to string multiple behaviours together.

Remember to be calm, and patient with your dog when training. Puppies need more patience and tenderness. Never get frustrated or lose your temper when you dog doesn’t get it. Dogs respect calm humans, not frustrated humans!

And most of all have fun, like all dog training it is a great bonding experience and it brings you and your pooch closer together.




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