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    We expect a high level of courteousness and respect for the users of this website. Admins reserve the right to ban anyone for conduct we don’t feel is suited to our brand.

    We encourage open discussions around almost any topic of Dogs, or Dog Training, however; Trick Training may remove posts that are…

    1. Abusive, defamatory, or obscene,
    2. Fraudulent, or misleading,
    3. Violating someone else’s copyright,
    4. illegal or depicting illegal activity,
    5. Offensive,
    6. Encourages inhumane treatment of animals.

    Rules for administration of advertising posts on our page:

    1. Don’t write your post to sound like a sales pitch, write it like you are talking to another person face to face.

    2. Stay relevant to the Trick Training website, i.e. your post should be relevant to dog trick training in particular. Including your Facebook page, links, and images.

    3. Post with a photo, we love to see photos of dogs, so upload a photo with your post. Please no logos, brochures or flyers.

    4. Link to your Facebook page in a link tag. If you are a local dog trainer we will allow a single link per forum thread to your website. Excessive linking will result in your posts being removed.

    5. If you must include a link to another website, please link only once and at the bottom of the post. Do not post a link without a description.

    6. One post per business. Businesses that post advertising related material too regularly will be deleted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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